“Life is something extraordinarily wide and profound, it is a great mystery.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

James gives talks on world teachings, the essence of philosophical inquiry, different forms of dialogue, western, eastern and integral philosophy, together with integrating the relative training of wisdom, insights, concentration, integration, liberal arts and applied academics.

These are done as courses, lectures, speaking, media interviews, television, publication and as a coach.


James points out obstacles that emerge when we are largely absorbed in patterns of thinking as a system of classification and fixed categorisation. 

He explores how and why this causes separation of perception, which then manifests as abstractions leading to the barriers and limitations in ones life. These limitations can hinder rational action to do what is right.

Awareness of these limitations enables oneself to use knowledge with both intelligence and wisdom. The development of this awareness will also lead to being highly effective for the people, groups and organisations in your life.


James is an independent philosopher and gives lectures for universities, institutions, groups and other organisations. 

He is regarded throughout the world as a great thinker. James transcends the focus on any particular philosophy and instead expresses philosophical integration in a collective, polymathic and unified way.


James speaks about the human experiences in contemporary culture with great precision, subtlety and quality.

He travels across the world discussing the need to understand the greater aspects of life. His teaching is about clear observation beyond any dogma and intellectual knowledge.

James explores the clarity of observation, an observation that brings about freedom beyond group think. It is a freedom emerging from the awareness.

It is this awareness of both our thinking and our action that enables us to see separation as an illusion and instead directly observes that we are all deeply connected. 

The process of observation transcends social construction and manifests the insights into the true nature and purpose of our life. There is a deep transformation in oneself when there is intelligence and wisdom flowing from clarity and awareness. 

Training in this field improves ones life by being able to access sereneness and awareness while also improving those people, groups and organisations you come in contact with. 


James gives public talks, writes and discusses with many different individuals and groups. The best way to understand his teachings is to go and directly attend one of his events.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more and discuss ways James can collaborate with you to help you with your event, idea or project.



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