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The foremost creative artist and thinker who is in high demand and works with significant individuals, international companies and organisations, providing world-class creative, sophisticated, pioneering and bespoke services across the globe

 Internationally recognised as a fully accomplished master of magical artistry, independent philosopher, Zen practitioner, insightful speaker and published author  
“Imagine, James David Parker, a master of the magical arts, who has the style of an English gentleman with Zen-like quality and the wisdom of a leading philosopher”

The best for Weddings and Corporate Events

The Renaissance Conjuror

At the core of his work is a high sophistication, using conjuring and creativity to enlighten and entertain, creating the best service that will help you with your ideas
“If there’s any magician today who can be compared to the spellbinding Eisenheim in the film “The Illusionist,” it’s James David Parker. As with Eisenheim, there’s something otherworldly and Victorian about James, as if he’s still in touch with the timeless mysteries that others have forgotten about. And like Eisenheim, James blends magic with metaphysics, illuminating it all with a profoundly moral vision.”

Dr Greg Goode, internationally recognised and certified philosophical practitioner, world renowned author on western and eastern philosophy, and a student of the mysterious arts. 


An Ultimate Experience 

“A world-class speaker who is both classical and elegant”

“This man is not just a Magician, there is something greater”

Jennifer Annderson


The quintessential elegance of classical and contemporary artistry

The Zen Master of Conjuring Arts

His work is like a classical composer who has the quality of being sagacious, with the definitive combination of the intelligence of Stephen Hawkings, the wisdom of Leonardo Da Vinci, the precision of Philip Glass, the artistry of Salvador Dalí and the mystery of Bansky.

“James is too profound for the small screen”

Sir Trevor McDonald

James David Parker has been featured in:
channel 4

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”


“I must go beyond the dark world of sense information to the clear brilliance of the sunlight of the outside world”




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